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Right on! I have spent sleepless hours putting my new layout together. Tis so pink! <3 The header is a temp until I finish the character profiles.

Quite honestly this it the first time building a Smack Jeeves page. It was really hard and took a lot of research and gathering of scraps of code people so generously posted on the forums. I have a pretty good handle on CSS and HTML, but even with that knowledge it is sometimes hard to work around someone else's coding. Thats what makes troubleshooting someone else's code so difficult. Everyone's mind works differently, variables that make sense to the one who coded it, may not make sense to you. Anyways... What I'm getting at is not to give up. If you have enough determination you can do it.

Anyways. I'm contemplating making a tutorial on "Franken-coding" Or using the pre-made templates to your advantage. Thats basically what I did for mine to help me get a feel for the coding style. You can make a really nice site from some of the pre-made templates, just by changing images and colors. Anyways... I'll consider it if anyone is interested.

Anywhoo (uses anyways too much) Things to look forward to:
1) New Character images and more defined descriptions.
2) One more filler before the comic begins.
3) Page #1. WHOOOHOOO!
4) The official cover page.

Hope you'll look forward to it!!! ^^o

posted by shironotenshi @ March 19th, 2008, 8:21 pm   0 Comments